Who We Are

 Rhode Island Grooming Company (RIGC) was established on the principles of caring about the overall health and wellness of hair, beards and skin.  As full-time beard care enthusiasts, the nutrients and vitamins skin receives benefits more than just the great-smelling products we use.  At the heart of the smallest state in the US, we have carefully chosen 100% naturally-trusted ingredients in our recipes. There are many marketable companies that use products containing preservatives, harsh chemicals, synthetic parabens or are not transparent with disclosing all their ingredients.  We are not that company. We are an honest and well-rounded team that welcomes feedback from our consumers to ensure inclusivity of our product line to tailor individual skin profiles. At the Rhode Island Grooming Company, beard and skin care is a way of life.  Join us in this journey of using handcrafted, all-natural products that keep hair and skin moisturized, conditioned, and radiant. Care with Confidence. 

-Rhode Island Grooming Company (RIGC). 

Anthony Borrelli 

Founder/Director of Operations

Jeffrey Moore Co-Founder/ Wholesale Operations Jeffrey Moore 

Co-Founder/Sales Account Executive

Alex Moore

Co-Founder/ General Marketing & Communications Officer